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Come and see for yourself what California Sound Studios has to offer. Music is what keeps us going — can it do the same for you? Call our music studios in Orange County for a Free Consultation Get Professional Sound recording for your band and capture the energy of playing live together! Welcome to California Sound Studios! Drum lessons. Learn how to play the drums and progress onto more complex songs.

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Our lessons focus on learning rudiments, fills, beats and more. Guitar lessons. Develop a solid foundation for playing the guitar, including the best picking technique, the major scale, the pentatonic scale and the minor pentatonic scale. Piano lessons. Get comfortable playing your favorite songs on the piano.

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Learn piano scales, piano modes and how to maintain proper rhythm. Vocal lessons. Located just south of the Irvine Spectrum since , we are freeway close and easy to access. Looking for hourly rental space for video shoots or band rehearsals? Our online booking system offers fast and easy scheduling, along with free and secure personal profiles offering automated email reminders for your whole crew!

Services Recording Studio. Rooms Rates Book Online! The one-on-one mentoring, the hanging out and talking, and the personal attention Baker gives to his students are why he has been such a successful mentor for us.

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He finds out where the student wants to go and he guides the program in that direction. Learn from Recording Connection mentor Steve Catizone or one of our mentors in the greater Boston area. Steve Catizone at Infinite Music in Charlestown has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry across several genres.

And while he knows his way around a studio, knowing your way around a client is just as important. Every recording professional had their first gig at some point. The adrenaline gets pumping, you could be working with a star, and you might start overcompensating. And relax.

This is the advantage of the Charlestown Recording Connection programs. We believe the one-on-one time with a professional mentor gives you a complete picture of the business. Recording Connection mentor Steve Catizone on creating opportunities for his students Recording Connection mentor Steve Catizone talks studio etiquette.

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With the right experience and connections, you can jumpstart your career in the music industry. Consult an Admissions Representative to learn more. Learn More. Almost anywhere you want to go to school, we can make it happen. Orange County is one of our busiest locations. The Recording Connection would love to help you advance your career through higher training in the audio engineering arts. Commercial audio studios exist in a highly competitive industry. To survive they need to have the latest gear on hand.

With the Recording Connection, you will be learning at just such a studio. Guess what? Most school's gear is second or third generation. Don't get stuck in their generation gap. Advantage: Recording Connection. Ask anyone who works in this business, and they'll tell you this is one of the best ways to learn. With us, you are always number one. Our mentors are successful. They are. It's common for our mentors to have Gold and Platinum records hanging on their walls. Learn from true industry professionals with real accolades.

We offer 12 months of active job placement to anyone who doesn't get immediately hired after attending our school. We don't just give you a cold-call lead list when you graduate. We help you find work. Lots of industry pros know it. It really is that simple. Endorsed by some of the best in the business. Are you worried about our course work? We have tutoring. Connections are everything in this business. Connections can mean the difference between going hungry and being successful.

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Real world music industry connections. Big Advantage: Recording Connection. Privacy Policy Terms of Service Sitemap. Real studio connections. Music Scene in Orange County Recording Connection is: audio education upgraded for the 21st century Watch to learn why:. Or call us for more information at Please fill out the following information, and Admissions will contact you: First Name.

Last Name. Zip Code.

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What interests you? Recording Connection provides unique, mentor-based programs that are affordable , so you can stay in control of your finances. Audio Engineering Details. Advanced Audio Learn advanced audio techniques in overdubbing, mixdown and mastering. Advanced Audio Details. Live Sound Details. Electronic Music - Logic Pro Details. Electronic Music - Ableton Details. Music Producing Looking to build a career as a music producer?

Music Producing Details. Live DJ Details.

music recording studios in orange county Music recording studios in orange county
music recording studios in orange county Music recording studios in orange county
music recording studios in orange county Music recording studios in orange county
music recording studios in orange county Music recording studios in orange county
music recording studios in orange county Music recording studios in orange county
music recording studios in orange county Music recording studios in orange county

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