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Mike will lead the process and send out some questions to get us started. We installed Lisa as a new member. She is from Kabul Afghanistan and works as a mortgage broker Mortgage Angel.

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It is the largest grant in our District. It is covering Hip Dysplasia and cervical cancer in a remote part of Ecuador. Both medical issues have a much higher rate of occurrence in the area than in the rest of Ecuador. The Doctors from Canada are working with the staff from 3 Universities in Ecuador including the hospital Humanitaria. They are working with medical students, post grads, and educators to teach new and improved tests, procedures, etc. They will be reporting to Rotary International in 6 months and 1 year.

While they were in Ecuador, they attended the installation night of the sponsoring Rotary Club for this project. Lisa Barakzai - she doesn't eat very much!!! There is still room for volunteers. Contact Meghan Lahti.

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Mike Poznanski will be chairing this. This meeting will be at our regular August 22nd, meeting. Al Stjernegaard chairing a meeting August 28, pm at Moody Ales.

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Bill Lawrie , Club Service Chair. Your captain will be in touch with you. Don't forget to bring food for Summer of Sharing - Karen says 'put your food in the car 'right now' Thank you for organizing Karen Roots of Empathy is an evidence-based classroom program begun in by Mary Gordon. At the heart of the program are a neighourhood infant and parent who visit the classroom 9 times over the school year. The program is designed to build caring, peaceful, civil societies through the development of empathy in children and adults. The instructor also visits the classroom the week before and after each baby visit to reinforce the teaching which means a total of 27 classroom visits per school year.

This program has been shown to have significant effect in reducing levels of aggression. This program has been offered in 7 schools in the Tri-Cities for the last few years. It would certainly be valuable to offer it in more schools, probably all elementary students would benefit if it could be required. Rotary Meeting July 25 th George spoke briefly about the success of the bands again this year—as always the music was a highlight for so many of our guests in the open area, and Sean spoke about how he worked for 3 days and helped to mentor some of the younger volunteers who sorted in our open area recycling station.

Ian led off with a big thank you to our Club—40 members who punch way beyond their weight. This year was the busiest of the 4 years—every day was ahead of the corresponding day last year. We have no final numbers yet as so many of the expenses are still being tabulated, but hopefully in the next couple of weeks. He also reported that the shuttle bus on a normal weekend has been averaging people per weekend and for our event there were to 1, riders.

Good that they added the extra runs over the weekend. Brian Wormald took ownership of the main parking lot and all the complaints that come with that task he and his team of volunteers handled it wonderfully. They have some suggestions to help manage the traffic flow for next year and how to get folks dropping off in and out more quickly. VIP tent was managed ably by John and his team including of servers, cleaners, greeters and customer service folks. We know we need to get started earlier next year with our sales team but it will be an easier job as the experience is such a giant step up from the adult beer tent we expect to be sold out early next year.

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Bill reported almost shifts and about hours of volunteer time given to our recycling project. A huge big thanks to Trudy, Karen and last but certainly not least was our 13 year old Kate from Atlanta who worked all three days from am to pm. What a great girl.!!!! Ian introduced his 6 th Sgt-at-Arms for the year, Terry Miller , who was away in China when we had our installation.

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  5. Also on the 8 th several of our members are going to Camp Jubilee. Trudy has arranged for 6 Adirondack chairs for our Volunteer tent at RibFest. Discussed possibility of running a beer tent for the double header.

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    Summer Sundays on August 5 th. Waiting for the City to approve a beer tent for that day. If approved there may be another opportunity for the last concert September 2 nd. Get out and sell more. It was the 3 rd largest ever and leads now to the Conference in Hamburg Germany June Pointed out there were some great speeches but there were some that missed opportunities.

    In particular a speech on how close we are on eradicating polio, made possible by the Salk vaccine has only led to where we are nowdue to the lady scientist who developed the delivery system. Also the Conference recognized the 50 th anniversary of Rotoractors and reminded us they are part of Rotary and we MUST support clubs in our area. Ian gave a keynote address outlining some of his goals for the year. Last year they went to Taiwan giving time to help re-establish native plants and time with elementary school kids teaching digital literacy.

    Also in Vancouver they work regularly on shoreline cleanup and work making and supplying food, clothing and blankets to the Downtown Eastside. They also have a facility in North Van. Meredith spent 2 years with the US Peace Corps in Madagascar where she demonstrated to farmers how to increase their crop yields using organic waste.

    The curbside waste picked up by our Port Moody system is sent there and because the City allows us to use their curbside system for RibFest our waste goes there too. They take food waste, municipal water waste solids, FOG fats, oils, grease and livestock manure. It can be used to fuel engine generators for creating renewable electricity and heat. I t can be upgraded and injected into natural gas pipelines.

    I will try to get samples we can display at our recycling stations for RibFest this year.

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    Leah Is here to inform us of an exciting new program she and her 2 partners have started in the Tri-Cities called Build a Biz Kids. Build a Biz Kids is formed to nurture and support children and their ideas and encourage entrepreneurialism in the target group of kids The Benefits for the kids 1 emotional and social development, 2 confidence building—positive reinforcement, 3 practical and academic development, 4 learning how to talk and interact with people, and 5 develop financial skills and literacy early.

    They have a main sponsor already VANCITY who want to teach kids the financial skills and literacy they will need as they grow and a number of others they are talking to. They hope to be able to include some at risk kids as well as first nations kids. It will teach them to go through all the steps required to create a product and bring it to market.

    During the school year the kids do this as an after school project and they work on their own projects. Part of the learning process is the importance of social responsibility so the intention is that after all costs have been covered the kids will determine which charities will be supported with the profits and currently they are thinking SHARE and Gordon Street.

    The after school program is similar to a Junior Achievement program. There is an 11 th week session that will be provided by VanCity to teach basics of personal finance, how to use the money, and business finance. Sounds like a really great program, ideas and knowledge the kids will use throughout the rest of their life.

    We are looking forward to our Summer Camp programs that are starting in a week! We are excited to welcome Rotarians up to Camp on Sunday July 8th departing Rocky Point Park dock at am to come for a visit and see the kids in action!

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