How to get marriage certificate in california

It is recommended that you call the California County or City Clerk's office to see if they suggest setting an appointment. You could find yourselves in a long line with as much as a two-hour wait without an appointment in some California locales.

How to Get Married in California

California requires a picture ID such as driver's license or other valid identification. Some counties recommend bringing certified copies of your birth certificates as well. If you have lived together as a married couple, you can apply for a confidential license.

This means that there will be no public record of your marriage. A confidential marriage ceremony must be performed in the county where you applied for your marriage license. If you received your marriage license in California, a public marriage ceremony may be performed anywhere in the State of California.

You must show proof of divorce, death, or annulment and know the exact date that a previous marriage ended. Though it varies by county, you may need to bring the final divorce decree with you, particularly if it occurred recently.

Marriage Records

The cost of receiving a marriage license varies from county to county. Be advised that some California counties will only accept cash. Call to verify what your county charges for a marriage license and don't leave home without cash to pay for the license! Alternatively, a notarized letter from a parent or legal guardian may be used.

How to apply for a marriage license in California

The notary must be shown proof of guardianship. If a parent's name is different from the way it appears on the child's birth certificate, another form of identification is required. Certified copies of birth certificates are required. The couple must also schedule an appointment with a counselor.

County of Fresno

Applications must be signed in the presence of the Clerk of Court at the juvenile court in that jurisdiction. Proxy marriages are allowed in California but on a very limited basis.

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Only members of the armed forces who are stationed far away in wars or conflicts can apply for a proxy marriage. The California proxy marriage law allows military personnel to give their power of attorney for someone to stand in for them during their wedding ceremony. California was one of the first states in the U. Further, in June of , the U.

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Supreme Court ruled in Obergefell vs. A Registered Domestic Partnership RDP need not be dissolved prior to the issuance of a marriage license if the parties to the RDP and the parties to the marriage license are identical. If you have obtained a Withdrawal of Domestic Partnership within 90 days of applying for a marriage license from someone other than the person you are applying for a marriage license with, a stamped filed copy of the Withdrawal of Domestic Partnership must be presented at the time of issuance.

In order to obtain a Confidential Marriage License both parties must swear in writing that they have already been living together. If this is the case, you must provide a certified copy of the court order with your request.

Agencies in the State of California (CA) who provide certificates for marriage

Your marriage license is effective immediately and valid for 90 days. The fee for a Non-Confidential Marriage License can be found on our fee schedule. You may complete the application via the internet and transmit it directly to the County Clerk's Office.

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How to get marriage certificate in california
How to get marriage certificate in california
How to get marriage certificate in california
How to get marriage certificate in california
How to get marriage certificate in california
How to get marriage certificate in california

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