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How will LGBT history be taught in New Jersey's schools?

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Looking for an opportunity to begin your career teaching in New Jersey, or make a change from your current teaching job? Find teaching jobs in NJ across a variety of subject areas and grade levels.

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Sorry, there are no matching jobs. Please change your search terms or remove filters to see results. How to find teaching jobs in New Jersey Teaching jobs in NJ require a Bachelor's degree and a teaching license in a subject of specialization. Options for teaching in New Jersey With over 1. How to earn your New Jersey teaching license The New Jersey Department of Education has a three-step licensing process for new teachers.

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First, aspiring teachers in New Jersey will need to establish credibility and be issued the following two certificates: Certificate of Eligibility CE Certificate of Eligibility with Advanced Standing CEAS Second, NJ teachers must legalize your employment status and be issued a Provisional Certificate, valid for a period of two years.

Certificate reciprocity in New Jersey The process of transferring teaching certification from one state to a different state is called certification reciprocity.

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Other requirements to teach in New Jersey Candidates for initial teacher certification in New Jersey must also pass an examination in hygiene, physiology, and substance abuse or have completed college studies in either one of the following three subjects: biology, health or nutrition. We are a high-performing charter school located in Jersey City, NJ -- an exciting, culturally vibrant city immediately across the Hudson River from lower Manhattan.

At many truly excellent schools, even the most committed teachers can feel burned out after a few years.

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If you are an experienced urban teacher with excellent classroom management skills, if you have a record of helping inner-city children beat the odds and achieve to their highest potential, if you love the sense of purpose and accomplishment one receives from this extremely meaningful work — but you also want an opportunity to spend time with your own children and to have a life outside of school — then we might be for you. Learn more about us Do not include any sensitive data in your submissions.

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Log In Username: Password: Trouble logging in? Although it may take a lot of your time and effort, it is best to write individual cover letters if you have more than one school to apply to because this will provide you the opportunity to customize your work experience, achievements, and qualifications to each specific teaching position. Consider expanding your networking contacts especially in the field of education.

This network of people can be an excellent source of information about various employment opportunities. You can also use them as your reference on your job search.

2,354 Physical Education Teacher Jobs in New Jersey

Remember that the wider your network is, the better your chances will be in landing a teaching job in New Jersey. Regularly update your portfolio. And while a traditional paper portfolio is good, it is better to have an electronic portfolio because you can really impress your employer with it.

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find teaching jobs in new jersey Find teaching jobs in new jersey
find teaching jobs in new jersey Find teaching jobs in new jersey
find teaching jobs in new jersey Find teaching jobs in new jersey
find teaching jobs in new jersey Find teaching jobs in new jersey
find teaching jobs in new jersey Find teaching jobs in new jersey
find teaching jobs in new jersey Find teaching jobs in new jersey

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