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How Does Our Uncontested Georgia Divorce Cost Compare?

For the divorces in Cherokee County, I would suggest that if they spend the money on a divorce web site to try to settle their issues, they should take their divorce paperwork to a Canton or Woodstock divorce lawyer in Georgia to review the paperwork prior to submitting it to the Judge. The divorce lawyer can make sure that it meets the requirements of the Court.

Georgia Divorce Self-Help Center

Otherwise, the divorcing couple may miss several days of work going to Court to get their divorce finalized. Moreover, it could delay the divorce being granted by months. Locations Primary Office Locations. Atlanta Midtown. Johns Creek. If you are working with an attorney, they will assist you with the process and make sure that all the forms you need are filled out and that they are done so correctly.

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Many counties have forms that are unique to their jurisdiction, although the forms may be similar throughout the state and in many cases may be used for any county in the state. It is best to check with your attorney or with the courthouse in the county where you plan to file your paperwork. Petition for Divorce — Uncontested. Filed by the plaintiff and asks that any agreement between the spouses be included in the final decree. Petition for Divorce — Contested. Filed by the plaintiff, this document must be verified and notarized. More detailed than in an uncontested divorce, this document may ask for child custody and support, temporary alimony and an equitable division of assets.

Documents related to the services of documents to the defendant.

Answer and Counterclaim. This is the form the defendant files when they agree with the divorce action. It is only used in an uncontested divorce. Rule Nisi. The is a notice of a hearing that directs the other party to appear in court and show why a request in a divorce should not be carried out. Also known as a Show-Cause Hearing.

Cost of an Uncontested Divorce in Georgia - Georgia Uncontested Divorce

Domestic Relations Financial Affidavit. Both parties must submit financial information of income, expenses, assets and debts to help provide transparency during the division of assets process. Child Support Guidelines Worksheet. This is used to determine the amount of child support that must be paid based on the Georgia Schedule of Basic Child Support Obligations.

By way of example, the Superior Court of Fulton County offers a comprehensive list of forms that you can view to help you become more familiar with exactly what you may need to use for your particular situation. To view the list of forms, many of which can be used throughout the state, go here.

Talk to a Divorce attorney.

Once you have completed your forms, you must then file your documents and serve your spouse with copies of the divorce papers to legally make them aware of the divorce petition. In Georgia, if you are working with an attorney, they will make sure all the forms are correct and will file them with the clerk of the court where your spouse resides. If your spouse has moved out of state, then you can file in your county of residence.

In an uncontested divorce and if your spouse consents, you can file in your own county as well. Be prepared to pay a filing fee when you submit your paperwork. If you are low income, you can request to pay a reduced filing fee or have the fee waived completely by the court. You must then serve your spouse with copies of the divorce papers to legally make them aware of the divorce petition.

If you believe that your spouse will accept service of the Complaint, then you can mail them the paperwork. In return, they will need to acknowledge service by signing an Acknowledgement of Service in front of a notary. This is the equivalent of swearing under oath that they have received the paperwork.

Valid grounds to get divorce in Georgia

Your spouse will then return the Acknowledgement and it will be filed with the court. If a spouse is less cooperative, then the other two forms of service are to have paperwork served by a sheriff or by a private process server. Service by a sheriff is the preferred method because it is cheaper. Courts have different schedules for trying divorces. The court may require that the parties attend mediation.

Check with the Clerk of Court concerning your court's requirements. Again, it is always a good idea to have an attorney represent you when getting a divorce.

Can I Still Get a Divorce? You will need to tell the court that you tried to find the defendant. You give the court a signed, statement an "affidavit" where you:. A notice must then be published in the newspaper that the court designates for such notices for four 4 consecutive weeks.

If your spouse does not file an Answer within 60 days after the notice is first published, the court can grant the divorce at a hearing.

NOTE: In a divorce by publication the court cannot award alimony, child support, or property situated outside of Georgia. If your spouse was a resident of Georgia at one time, you can request child support, alimony and property division. You will have to arrange to have the petition for divorce "served" on your spouse in the new state. Yes, if you have lived in Georgia for six months or more. But if the court cannot get personal jurisdiction over your spouse then it can not award alimony or child support, or award property in another state. This is a complicated area of law.

Magistrate Court Forms.

do it yourself divorce georgia Do it yourself divorce georgia
do it yourself divorce georgia Do it yourself divorce georgia
do it yourself divorce georgia Do it yourself divorce georgia
do it yourself divorce georgia Do it yourself divorce georgia
do it yourself divorce georgia Do it yourself divorce georgia
do it yourself divorce georgia Do it yourself divorce georgia

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