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Why You Need Vinyl Siding That Looks Like Wood

Soon operations went global as Mitten products made their way throughout Canada, the United States, and Australia. Outworking the competition Today Mitten has employees working in two facilities: a ,square-foot plant in Paris, Ontario, and finished goods facility three miles away in Branford. According to Riley, these are small towns, with a total population near 7,, so Mitten is a major part of the community. Yet, despite the size of the local population and the fiercely independent nature of the company, Mitten has made significant strides toward becoming one of the leading vinyl siding brands in the world.

Riley stressed that customer service is a major reason why Mitten products remain a top choice among wholesalers and builders in North America and beyond. We simply outwork the competition by having a dialogue with customers to learn their needs, to listen rather than just sell. I advise my team to be patiently impatient and to be opportunistic and it pays off.

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The industry takes a stand Mitten faces competition from rival vinyl siding manufacturers all over the globe, but a potentially formidable foe comes from a relatively new building material — fiber cement. For example, fiber cement is heavier, labor-intensive, requires periodic caulking, and needs to be repainted on a regular basis.

Riley admits that his industry could have done a better job of self-promotion, and by not continuously communicating the benefits of vinyl siding, manufacturers left themselves open to such a ploy.

Yet what irks him more than lost revenue is the fact that home buyers and builders are being misled and under served. The Vinyl Siding Institute is dedicated to presenting the facts … Vinyl siding manufacturers offer a broad and ever-increasing spectrum of colors … Ongoing research and development help manufacturers produce high-performance, durable surfaces with outstanding color retention across the entire color palette — including darker options … Just like high-maintenance wood siding, fiber cement siding requires painting to maintain its appearance, adding to the lifecycle cost of the home.

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Additionally, the Vinyl Siding Institute has developed a program that will certify vinyl siding installers. According to Riley this is an important step to bringing much needed uniformity to the vinyl siding industry.

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By recommending that installers go through a regulated certification process we are taking our business to a higher level and delivering better value to end users. As for Mitten specifically, business is very strong. Locally, Riley expects that as the housing market slows somewhat that homeowners will begin to consider re-siding their homes and Mitten is poised to capitalize on the that trend.

Request our Media Kit Please fill out the form below. The media kit, which includes pricing options and information on our audience will be sent to your inbox shortly. Mitten, Inc. The appeal of wood is that it is the real stuff with all its valued qualities. None of the faux woods have the look of sealed and stained wood siding. Cedar Creek , WoodTone. Stucco is a classic siding that can be formulated several ways. Traditional stucco is made with cement, sand and limestone and applied like plaster to a metal lathe system. Newer exterior insulation and finish systems EIFS feature stucco made from polymers and acrylics applied over insulation and a water barrier to help eliminate common stucco moisture problems.

While EIFS are an improvement, stucco is not generally considered suitable to for wet climates. Stone and brick are premium sidings. While full brick is still available, most brick and stone installed today is veneer —.

Brick is produced in a spectrum of colors and blends. Stone also offers good style options from large field stone to smaller pieces of ledgestone in a range of color tones. The appeal of brick is a sophistication no other siding matches, while stone exudes a natural strength and beauty. This siding looks authentic enough to be mistaken for the real thing. Sometimes called manufactured or cultured stone, it is made from cement blends with iron oxide pigments.

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Stacked Stone Stratford via Gen Stone. Every type of genuine stone siding is mimicked in faux stone products. The material is installed using the same methods and mortars. Mortarless faux stone is available too. Pointset Mortarless faux stone via My clips tone. Vinyl siding: If the homes in your neighborhood are sided with vinyl and your goal is to freshen up your exterior, this is an affordable way to do it. Homeowners considering a move use vinyl to enhance curb appeal. Depending on your budget, you can choose all standard panel siding or mix in vinyl shake and shingle siding in gables or on an upper floor.

Aluminum and steel siding: Standard aluminum siding is considered a moderate upgrade from vinyl. Steel siding gives you enhanced durability and stylistic choices with low maintenance. Both fiber cement and composite siding offer better durability. Their firmness gives them the feel of greater quality.

Fiber cement and composite work well in a home exterior with wood, brick and stone veneer and faux stone. Wood siding: This is the siding of choice for purists, though not recommended in dry areas prone to wildfire.

Guide to Home Siding: Top Exterior Siding Options

Natural wood siding is ideal for homeowners who want the look, texture and aroma the wood offers and are willing to give it the maintenance it needs. Wood works well in combination with stone and faux stone. Stucco siding: This material remains popular in old neighborhoods with vintage homes in the drier regions of the country. It is gaining market share in newer neighborhoods with homeowners that enjoy this classic style.

The key to success with stucco is finding an experienced stucco specialist that fully understands how to install it properly to allow for drainage. Brick and stone veneer siding: Homeowners preferring a distinctive siding gravitate to brick and stone. The higher cost is repaid with lasting durability and good looks. As noted, stone and wood make an attractive combination. Brick and stucco are often used together in very appealing combinations.

Faux stone: Whether you side your entire home with it or pair it with most of the other types, faux stone is a more affordable alternative to genuine stone veneer.

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The tradeoff is shorter longevity and the potential for increased maintenance and repair. The first tip is to consider the most affordable siding in the look you want — vinyl rather than steel, aluminum rather than wood or faux stone instead of genuine stone.

Vinyl siding tops cladding list for 25 years

Complement an expensive option with siding that is more affordable. You really do get the installation quality you pay for, and installation is the key to how good your siding looks and how well it performs. As you shop around for price, consider cost as secondary to the proven experience of the siding contractors.

The siding contractors are prescreened, and they know that others are bidding on the job too. The service is free to homeowners. Feel free to join the conversation by leaving a comment or question.

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vinyl siding looks like wood manufacture Vinyl siding looks like wood manufacture
vinyl siding looks like wood manufacture Vinyl siding looks like wood manufacture
vinyl siding looks like wood manufacture Vinyl siding looks like wood manufacture
vinyl siding looks like wood manufacture Vinyl siding looks like wood manufacture
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vinyl siding looks like wood manufacture Vinyl siding looks like wood manufacture
vinyl siding looks like wood manufacture Vinyl siding looks like wood manufacture
Vinyl siding looks like wood manufacture

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