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Attention is given to high publicity threats such as viruses, denial of service attacks, and other malicious activities over the internet, as well as, to maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of sensitive application data such as credit reports, social security numbers, and other personally identifying information. Our applicant screening system development staff uses industry-leading technology to secure operating environment, including client authentication password-controlled access , data encryption, public-private key pair, firewalls, intrusion detection, filtering routers, and data backups.

Each component acts as a layer of protection to safeguard information from unauthorized users, deliberate malfeasance, and inadvertent loss. We also use a shared responsibility model with Amazon web services who participate in SOC Compliance. We have never had a breach.

Background Checks and Criminal Records

You can find our Privacy Statement located here. Save your business from hiring the wrong employees with our top level pre-employment background reports. You will get crucial data on the history and qualifications of potential hires that they may have hidden from you during the job interview.

Fill out the form to see what your screening report will potentially reveal about your new prospects.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Pre-Employment Background Screening Below are answers to frequently asked questions about background screening and employment verification and how pre-employment background screening companies can help. Why do background checks?

What searches are included in a background check? What does a Social Security Number Trace reveal? How long does it take to get reports from pre-employment background check companies? Does your company provide services nationwide? Does my applicant need to complete a signed release? May I just use my own release form? How do you ensure confidential information is secure? What is negligent hiring? How far back does an employment background check go? You are legally obligated to go through the following steps to disqualify someone employment due to the results of the background check: Provide your applicant with a pre-adverse action letter, a copy of the entire background report, a Summary of your Rights Under the FCRA form, and if in California, The California Statement of Consumer Rights form.

The pre-adverse action letter must include the name of the CRA, address and phone number so your applicant can contact the CRA, if they wish to do so, in order to find out the details regarding the negative information they wish to dispute. Does your price include a 9-panel drug test? If so, when is your accreditation up for renewal? Note: we are also ISO certified Do you cap your county criminal searches, if the volume of individual counties ever go over a certain amount per candidate on an order?

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Do you charge extra for additional attempts? Below is a example of pending notes that our clients can view from the search page: Do we have a dedicated customer service team and point of contact? What times are our customer service teams available?

Criminal Pre-Employment Background Check Services Our company provides criminal background check solutions to help you uncover relevant criminal records, sex offenses and professional or financial sanctions quickly and as part of your employment background or resident screening. Our National Criminal File is a database search of millions of criminal records, with to new records added daily, covering 50 states, plus sex offender registry records from 50 states depending on state access availability , plus Washington D.

In addition, as a premier background check company, we have an unmatched global reach for businesses that require global searches. Verifications We provide background screening services which confirm or verify immigration status as well as checking professional and educational backgrounds of applicants efficiently. Executive Background Screening Minimize risk and potentially negative media exposure by thoroughly vetting those you would entrust with your business at the highest levels.

Our Executive Advantage background screening product: Provides a detailed, C-level employment background check to give you a clear picture before you make a hiring decision. Verifies all aspects of credentials and information not necessarily included in resumes, including: civil litigation including bankruptcy, negative media searches, corporate and regulatory history. Social Media Search Social media searches can provide a good deal of job-related information to help you make smarter hiring and management decisions, as well as helping you understand whether a candidate or employee will extend or detract from your mission and values as an organization.

Criminal Records Watch Criminal Records Watch enables companies to better protect their brands, workplaces and relationships from risk by providing alerts to employers whenever an employee or contractor has a reportable criminal records history after they begin working for the employer. Benefit of Diligent Hiring. Companies who invest in screening are 3X more likely to track quality of hire. Solutions By Industry. Financial Services. Some of the criminal search services provided by background screening vendors include:. This is done through verification services to ensure the authenticity of the information provided by the candidate.

Some of verification services provided by background screening vendors include:. These additional services provided by background screening vendors include:. In the present day scenario, with an increase in employment related frauds, crime rate and forgery, employers have become more and more concerned about workplace safety. Hence, they have started to conduct pre-employment checks in US.

Despite background screening processes being critical for the overall success of an organization, it has been marred with lots of myths and misconceptions:. This is done through Adverse Action wherein the employer must notify the candidate within three business days about the findings and provide a copy of their report. No employer can deny this right to the candidate. Many employers perceive that background checks are unnecessary as vast amount of information can be accessed through the internet.

But using online and social media searches can prove to be harmful for the organization.

Things that can make you fail an employment background check

There is a good chance that you will not be able to get all the information needed only through online search and may end up facing a discrimination suit. Small business owners have the perception that pre-employment background checks are only mandatory for larger companies. But the fact of the matter is smaller companies have much more to lose. It is better to pay a small fee for conducting background checks than risk thousands in damages. Recruiters have a very common misconception that every background check vendor provides the same services which makes it wise to select the cheapest service provider.

But there is no single database of criminal information available in the US and instant checks do not exist. Each background screening vendor needs to follow FCRA guidelines, but not all necessarily follow. If you end up getting a deal which seems too good to be true, most probably it is.

The background screening industry in the US is highly regulated by rules that protect candidates and the background screening companies. It is governed by legislation at all government levels from federal to state to local districts. For your ready reference, we have listed below most prevalent government compliance laws and acts applicable in the US for conducting background screening.

It provides a guarantee that the information provided by background screening vendors is as accurate as possible. It recommends employers to provide a simple explanation of what information will be included in the background screening report.

What does a background check show for employment?

I9 Compliance requires all the individuals hired for employment in the United states to verify their identity and employment authorization using form I9. This includes citizens and non-citizens. Once you have decided to conduct background check of your employees, getting started can be a daunting task. Searching on Google for background screening vendors can turn up dozens of possible vendors.

This team comprises of seasoned content and digital design professionals and background screening industry veterans. Together we produce insightful blogs, infographics and reports meant for HR and background screening professionals.

pre employment background check in Pre employment background check in
pre employment background check in Pre employment background check in
pre employment background check in Pre employment background check in
pre employment background check in Pre employment background check in
pre employment background check in Pre employment background check in
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