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The neutral faces of institutions, her story shows, so easily slip to reveal highly subjective battles over whose pain counts for what.

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The title of the book denotes declarative self-affirmation, something constantly denied to Miller after she woke up at the Santa Clara Valley Medical Centre in January with a police deputy and Stanford dean at her bedside. The last thing she remembers is stepping outside the fraternity house with her sister the night before. From then on, her life no longer feels like it is hers.

In a daze at the medical centre, she is told there is reason to believe she has been assaulted and signs a stack of papers consenting to an immediate examination.

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Ten days later, on coming across an article online at work, she learns the full story of what happened to her. She, on the other hand, becomes a woman who failed to adequately protect herself against the natural lechery of the world that night in January, her use of alcohol thoroughly questioned. In the midst of all this, she navigates a byzantine legal system, often having to sit in the same courtroom as her attacker.

One of the many lessons that comes across is how sexual assault victims need greater guidance through these worlds. When Miller agrees to press charges against Turner, she does so casually over the phone to a detective, right after she is discharged from the hospital. She is sure that the officer twists her meaning, playing down the anguish in her testimony to recommend a short county jail sentence for Turner.

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Her story offered other victims a shared language; Miller recalls receiving thousands of supportive letters from women recounting their own stories. Her memoir has this same mix of the intimate with the communal, placing her own pain against a backdrop of shared suffering. The system does not exist for you. How do I change the name on my Virgin Media account?

Last updated: September 10, Have your circumstances changed, and you need let us know? Filter Content. Name Change Account Transfer. What do you need to know? Then simply complete the form and attach a copy of: A Marriage Certificate A Civil partnership certificate, or A Deed poll documentation Send us your form Send us your completed form along with your attached documentation.

Know My Name by Chanel Miller review – memoir of a sexual assault

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Then simply complete the form and attach two forms of proof of residency from this list hand written documents are not acceptable to process your application : A utility bill - like a gas, water or electricity bill Recent home phone bill Bill from another TV or broadband supplier Bank or credit card statement Current year Council Tax Assessment Paid invoice from a mail order company Valid home insurance certificate Notice of Tax Coding from HM Revenue and Customs Social Security documentation Current driving licence If you have lived at your current address for less than 3 years, the documents required will be from your current address and one from your previous address.

Why is the Register so significant? How was the Register compiled? What were the records within the Register originally used for?

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What information is listed in the Register? How can I find more information about the Register? Does it include every individual in the UK in ? What if I notice an officially closed record in the Register that I believe should be open? Why are some records in the Register officially closed? How can I provide proof of death to request the opening of a record?

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  8. What is the difference between the Register and a census? Why can't I find the street I'm looking for? Why don't Findmypast cross reference? If an entry in the household is closed, how do we know the name to submit evidence? How does the transcription process work?

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    What is the significance of The National Archives reference number? Where are the records for Scotland and Northern Ireland?

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    How do I change the name of the family tree that I have created? How do I add photos to my tree? Viewing your family tree Can I add living relatives to my tree? How do I print my tree Delete a relative in the tree How can I delete my family tree?

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    Records How do I start? What records do you have available? How do I search the records? Viewing records I can't find a record I am looking for? How can I search a census by address? Is there a list of site records?

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