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Our MySpace presence was similarly pretentious. I made our logo using a typewriter I found in a charity shop to my credit, this was years before the Bukowski-wannabe fuckbois were doing it and deliberately left the About section blank to create an air of artistic mystery. Hit me up! First things first, any trace of me awkwardly screaming into a tangled microphone connected to a PC in my mate's bedroom is probably better off dead.

But now those countless teenage evenings spent uploading music to various band Myspace accounts and adding page after page of random people to get more 'fans' are now completely in vain—or at least more in vain than they were anyway—so what the hell. My pop-punk-meets-screamo band's big Myspace presence got us a few support slots with various bands touring the midlands Zebrahead, Attack!

We even got a record label meeting out of it, albeit one which later turned out to be a narrowly avoided scam. The band eventually fell apart when the singer wanted to take it more seriously and I wanted to do A-levels and go to university. It turned out to be the drummer who eventually made it and he now plays in a successful touring rock band. All in all, I lost two bands worth of material and a horrible emotronica project on the day Myspace music died—none of which were remotely close to setting the world alight, but I'll miss listening back to them anyway.

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How To Know Who Is Visiting My Facebook Profile - Facebook Profile Viewers

All data collected in the survey is anonymous. About Team Advertise Jobs Contact. Treat yourself Sit back and let the hottest tech news come to you by the magic of electronic mail.

Stretching the boundaries: A track from myspace?

Who are you? On their profile pages, Less than one percent 0. About In addition to a user name, users have the option to create a title for their MySpace page. Approximately one in five users sampled A small portion of the sample 2. Another 2. Just over a third of users The remaining 6.

A significant majority Outside of these greetings posted on the profile, the sample suggests that MySpace users prefer to be contacted via instant messaging IM. Instant messaging capabilities are a default feature of MySpace and almost the entire sample It is interesting to note that only 2. MySpace provides a space in the profile to list a URL that profile viewers may wish to visit.

A very small percentage linked to a personal homepage 1. The inclusion of offline contact information was an anomaly in user profiles. Only three users displayed their telephone number. While almost all MySpace users revealed their location Of the 1. Approximately nine out of ten users in the sample Among those who had comments, there was a high degree of variance in the number of comments posted, ranging from one to 4, comments.

From those who had comments, the mean was After removing outlier users who had over 1, posts 2. Nearly one in five users Users boasted a large number of friends in their profiles with an average of per person see Figure 1. When removing the outlier users with more than 1, friends, the mean was The majority of users who had friends Of those users, over half Roughly Friend number and age were not significantly correlated. MySpace offers a blog feature; all users may maintain a blog as part of their personal page.

Of those blogs, Sixty percent of the blog users had between one and three posts in their blogs, To analyze the frequency of blog posting among the users who had blogs, the difference in time between the two latest posts was measured see Figure 3. Only 6. It is interesting to note that the majority of the blog users Over seven in every ten bloggers disclosed their emotional states and moods with emoticons and text in their posts Issues related to romantic relationships Nightlife Other media were not particularly popular topics of discussion; only 8.

Books were the least commonly mentioned topic overall, drawing comments from only 4.

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Remarks about politics 6. Bloggers have the option to include images in their posts. While emoticons were popular and were often used to indicate mood, other images were posted very infrequently. Of those who maintained blogs, photos with friends or a romantic partner and images of objects were the two most common image types. Despite their relative frequency overall numbers were low. Though the counts seem relatively high, the majority of these images were posted in only a few blogs. MySpace allows users to post images of CD covers they are listening to at the time of their blog post or of which they are generally fond.

The relatively high number of CD images posted is thus unsurprising. Seven of every ten users received feedback on their posts Blog readers, friends and other users may comment on posts they read and make notes for the user who posted in a forum provided by MySpace specifically for that purpose. Most of the bloggers who received feedback The majority of the bloggers who had feedback Female users Of those who maintained blogs, females were more likely to write about family Not surprisingly, users between 18 and 25 years old Users of 41 years and older Regarding revelation of sensitive information, teenage users analyzed users with 18 and 19 years old showed significantly higher disclosure than adult users in categories such as full name Several subjects were discussed almost exclusively by younger bloggers.

Although other media were some of the least common blog topics they were particularly unpopular amongst older bloggers. Only one blogger over the age of 35 mentioned television and just one mentioned film. Not a single user above the age of 35 wrote about books. Games also appear to be a topic mentioned more commonly by younger users; only one blogger older than 35 mentioned games. Despite the apparent aversion to mixing media amongst older users, one must be careful about drawing gross generalizations from these data, as users over age 35 represent only 6. The demographic composition of the sample of U.

MySpace users in this study does not match the demographics of MySpace visitors reported by comScore According to comScore , more than a half of MySpace visitors on August were 35 years or older, while the majority This disagreement cannot be fully explained either by the difference in time windows in which the samples were collected or by the fact that comScore also included minors.

The data reported by comScore corresponds to August , whereas most of the sample of the present study was collected during the second half of Thus, even if online populations change fast, the results of the two studies show very different populations. The difference may be accounted for if MySpace users lie about their age in their MySpace profile.

Troy Hunt: Dating the ginormous MySpace breach

Another, more plausible, explanation is that comScore, which employs user tracking to record the sites its subjects visit, counts all people who access the site, regardless of whether they have an account on MySpace. Nevertheless, it would be valuable for future research to address the motivations and intentions of those individuals who visit MySpace without having an active account. As in prior findings in teenage blogs Huffaker, , the users who were 18 and 19 years old had significantly higher disclosure on contact information such as full name and IM nickname when compared with adult users.

This could mean that adult users are more aware than teenagers of the dangers of making public their private contact information online. The adult users analyzed in this study employed strategies to protect their contact information without hiding some characteristics of their personal identity. Nevertheless, this study did not find any evidence of widespread disclosure of information that would be easily used for stalking or other forms of offline harassment.

By revealing their physical appearance, name and status, users are showing and constructing who they are. These characteristics along with their posts and the visual composition of their sites reveal their digital bodies boyd, b , which they use to socialize online. However, even if users protect their contact information, they might still be identifiable by searching their contacts boyd, and through, apparently, not sensitive information such as occupations or affiliations. The fact that MySpace is widely used to maintain and develop social ties.

This is consistent with findings by Gallant, et al. In contrast with the large proportion of users that take advantage of the social networking capabilities of MySpace, only a small proportion of users This fact could have several explanations.

track people who view my myspace Track people who view my myspace
track people who view my myspace Track people who view my myspace
track people who view my myspace Track people who view my myspace
track people who view my myspace Track people who view my myspace
track people who view my myspace Track people who view my myspace

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