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Civil registration records are the vital records made by the government. Civil registration records [ registri dello stato civile ] are an excellent source for accurate information on names as well as dates and places of births, marriages, and deaths. In addition, civil registration may include documents required for marriage, miscellaneous records such as stillbirths , deaths occurring in other cities or countries, and legitimations or parental acknowledgments [ ricognizioni ].

Because they cover most of the population and because they are usually indexed and mostly accessible, civil registration records are one of the most important sources for genealogical research in Italy.

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For birth, death, and marriage records before or , see " Church Records ". In southern Italy, civil authorities began registering births, marriages, and deaths in in Sicily. In central and northern Italy, civil registration began in in Veneto. After this date, virtually all individuals who lived in Italy were recorded. The earliest vital records in Italy were kept by the churches.

He also initiated civil record keeping at that time. As he gained control of most of Italy, he enforced new laws that required local civil registration. Papal States.

Italy Civil Registration

In the area formerly known as the Papal States which included from what is now Lazio Latium , Umbria, Marche, and estern Emilia-Romagna Napoleonic records cover the period of to These records do not exist for areas that Napoleon never ruled such as Sardinia, South Tyrol, and Sicily.

The island of Sicilia began civil registration in using a format nearly identical to the Napoleonic records. Birth, marriage, and death records are the most important civil registration records for Italian research.

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Most of these records retained the basic format introduced by Napoleon in the early s. The registers are divided into separate volumes for each year. Records kept in the south used standardized forms. Many records in the north are handwritten, although they contain basically the same information. The records were almost always kept in Italian, except for records kept during the rule of foreign powers such as France and Austria. For example, Giuseppina Bertaldo may have been recorded as Josephine Bertaldo.

Some church records were transcribed into civil registration records. This transcription usually happened to meet documentation requirements for marriages [ processetti or allegati ]. Transcribed church records are in Latin, and each volume is usually indexed.

The baptism date is usually included with the civil birth record. Corrections to a birth record may have been added as a marginal note.

In later records, marginal notes are frequently found, providing marriage and death information. See a translation of one of the printed forms.

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After Napoleonic law required that the marriage ceremony be performed first by a civil authority and then, if desired, by a church authority. It was then recorded in the civil records. At first, some people resisted this law and had their marriages performed by church authority only. Later when it became legally necessary for their children to be recognized as legitimate, a civil ceremony was performed.

In rare cases, you may find a marriage record for a couple in their 50s who were actually married 30 years earlier. In most cases you may find marriages recorded in both civil and church records. Marriages were usually performed and recorded where the bride lived. In some provinces, these records date from or from The early civil marriage records may include more information than the church records. When available, search both the civil and church records of marriage. If you believe a marriage took place but cannot find a record of the marriage, search records of intent to marry.

Marriage Banns [ pubblicazioni, notificazioni, memorandum ]. Proclamation, allegations, or banns [ notificazioni, pubblicazioni, memorandum ].

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These notifications were made a few weeks before a couple planned to marry. The couple may have been required to announce their intended marriage to give other community members the opportunity to raise any objections to the marriage.

If one member of the bridal party lived elsewhere, banns were posted in that community also. If you know that a marriage took place but cannot find it in the marriage records of the community, search the marriage banns. It may be posted there and lead you to the community where the marriage actually took place. Supporting documents [ processetti or allegati ]. These documents were often filed by the bride and groom in support of their intent or "solemn promise" to marry. The names of former spouses and their death dates are also provided. Certificates [ certificati ]. The individual who performed the ceremony or the civil office where the ceremony was recorded may have given the couple a certificate of marriage.

This may be in the possession of the family, and the civil registrar may have copies.

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Usually, however, when writing for information and requesting a certificate, you will receive only a transcription of the most pertinent information. Extracts [ estratti ] will give you the complete information. Marriage registers [ registri dei matrimoni ]. Civil officials recorded the marriages they performed in registers, usually preprinted forms bound in a book and kept in the civil office. Marriage registers give the date of the marriage and the names of the bride and groom.

They also indicate whether the bride and groom were single or widowed and give the names of witnesses. They often include other information about the bride and groom, such as age, birthplace, residence, occupation, name of person giving consent, and names of parents. In cases of second and later marriages, the marriage registers may include the names of previous spouses and their death dates.

The registers usually include the date of the church ceremony. There are two types of printed forms found when researching Italian civiil marriages.

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The first is a "solemn promise" to marry - a document created when a couple appeared at the city offices and promised they would marry one another the banns had already been posted by this time. This document is usually found in pre-unification records The second is a post-unification record and is the actual marriage document. See translations of these pre-printed forms. Before divorces were illegal in Italy. Divorce records are not open to the public. The Family History Library does not have any Italian divorce records.

Civil death records often exist for individuals for whom there are no birth or marriage records. Deaths were usually registered within a day of the death in the town or city where the person died. They usually provide the names of spouses and parents and whether or not they were still living. Stillbirths are recorded in separate registers entitled nato morto. Gordon Smythe called attention to a statement in E. Williams found an Antoine du Bois, of the DuBois de Fiennes family, but in a cadet branch founded the latter part of the fourteenth century, who was Seigneur de la Bourse, as his ancestors had been for five or six generations, and who became Seigneur de Beaufermez by his marriage to Philipotte de Landas, Dame de Beaufermez.

Wallerand and Madeleine du Bois thus lived at the right place and the right time to have been the parents of Chretien du Bois, father of Louis, the emigrant to New York. For since the Parish Register of La Bassee in which Wicres is situated shows that Chretien du Bois had at least two sons older than Louis, who was born in , Chretien could not have been born much later than at latest, not too late for the birth of a son to parents married in A later report of the Reverend Mr.

Willems-Le Clercq of Brussels, an accredited genealogist of the Institute, gives only negative values of proving that the wanted records were NOT to be found in the church registers of Leyden. The genealogist wrote that he had examined the Cambrai Historical Society's publications, in which are genealogies of families resident at or near Wicres and known to have inter- married with the du Bois of that locality, and also the state archives at Gand, where in the 17th century were kept records of the court within the jurisdiction of which Wicres then belonged.

Williams' conclusion that our ancestor, Chretien du Bois of Wicres, was a son of Wallerand du Bois who married Madeleine de Croix. The value of this item is apparent in connection with the hitherto unsupported statement of America Heraldica that Beaufermez was one of the estates possessed by the ancestors of Chretien du Bois. We have a record of this marriage in Leyden, and in New York a record mentioning Louis DuBois as uncle of a daughter of this marriage. Owing to the systematic mutilation of the records of Huguenot families of the nobility, neither his parentage nor issue can be definitely proved.

It is believed that he belonged to one of the five quite well known families stemming from Geoffroi de Bois and his wife Sidonie Tesson of the Cotentin Peninsula in Normandy who were alive in the middle of the 11th century. From records in the Netherlands, where many Huguenots gained sanctuary, it is certain that Louis and Jacque s, both Walloons, were sons of Chretien du Bois. The second child was Jean.

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