Teacher certification and background check

To assist in interpreting the regulation, the Department has created a matrix listing which types of offenses will result in denial of a license. You may view that matrix at the link below. The Office of Educator Licensure will not issue a provisional license pending results of a background check. Please note that your employer and the NDE do not share your information and you will need to submit fingerprints for both. If you fail to submit prints for the NDE background check, your license will be denied and you will need to reapply for licensure and pay all applicable fees again.

Applicants for an educator license are encouraged to submit fingerprints electronically via Livescan. Once you have submitted your licensure application and payment through OPAL, you will receive a verification email containing a link to a list of Department-approved Livescan vendors. If there is not an approved Livescan location in the area of the state where you live, you will have to submit a fingerprint card in order for us to complete your background check. Most Nevada law enforcement agencies and school districts will not submit fingerprints via Livescan for the Department of Education, but can take your prints and give you a fingerprint card to turn in.

If you currently reside in another state and are applying for a Nevada educator license, you must submit a fingerprint card in order for us to complete your background check. If you do not have access to an approved Livescan location, you may submit a fingerprint card to the Office of Educator Licensure, either in person or by mail once you have submitted your licensure application and payment.

This is to ensure compatibility with machine-reading equipment used by the FBI to analyze the cards. Some law enforcement agencies do not use the FD and do not carry them in stock. In this case you may download and print the card directly from the FBI's website. If you choose to do this, be sure to print the card on lightweight card stock. Fingerprint cards must be signed by both the individual being fingerprinted and the official taking the fingerprints. Cards without both signatures, or cards dated more than one year old, cannot be accepted.

If you are going to submit a fingerprint card in lieu of Livescan printing, you may have your fingerprints taken by any law enforcement agency or private fingerprinting agency in any state. When you submit fingerprints to the Department of Education for background processing, they are sent to the Nevada Department of Public Safety and the FBI, both of which will run your prints and send a criminal history report to the Department. This process may take up to eight weeks.


If a criminal conviction appears on an applicant's background report, it will be reviewed by a background analyst to determine whether that conviction is potentially disqualifying under NRS Criminal history reports are confidential and will not be shared with any individual or other agency unless an applicant gives the Office of Educator Licensure written permission to do so using the Authorization for Release of Personal Information form below. To begin the correction process, you must complete and submit a Request to Correct Criminal Justice Information form.

If the information believed to be inaccurate or incomplete in your criminal history was, or will be used to deny a right or privilege, the Department of Public Safety DPS has 5 days to respond to the request or to forward it to the agency responsible for maintaining the requested criminal history information. If you have documentation on your criminal case, please be prepared to provide a copy at the time you request a correction to your record.

It may help to expedite your request. One of the most common correction requests is to locate missing disposition information.

More information concerning criminal history reports can be located on the Department of Public Safety website. If you currently hold Alaska certification and are employed in a certified position in an Alaska Public School District, instead of a fingerprint card, you may submit a photocopy of your contract for the current school year or a letter from the employing school district office to verify your certified employment. Are athletic officials i. Are athletic coaches or coaching staff members required to go through the Criminal History Record Check process?

How will contract employees working for the educational facility be included in the Criminal History Record Check process? Are employees such as food service workers who were originally employed by a district and now work for a contractor who provides these services to the same educational facility be required to resubmit to the Criminal History Record Check process? Are tutors required to undergo the Criminal History Record Check process? What about maternity and family leave?

Background Checks and Criminal Records

When does an approval expire? Are substitute employees i. What procedure should be followed for individuals in substitute positions and school bus drivers who change or add on new employers? For substitute employees how should an educational facility verify an employee completed the Criminal History Record Check process in another educational facility? If an applicant holding a teaching certificate is disqualified, what action will be taken?

If an employee transfers to schools within the same district, are they required to undergo a new Criminal History Record Check? If an employee of an educational facility retires and then returns to school employment, what procedure must be followed? May substitute certificates be issued before a Criminal History Record Check has been completed?

Is a new Criminal History Record Check required for renewing the substitute credentials? What are the procedures to follow should the time-line of three-months expire? Is the emergent approval interchangeable with all educational facilities for substitute employees or must each educational facility apply for emergent approval for the substitute; i. Is there a need to verify emergent approval prior to the issuing of a substitute certificate?

May authorized school bus contractors process their drivers directly to the Office of Student Protection? When must school bus drivers undergo the Criminal History Record Check? Are charter bus operators required to undergo the Criminal History Record Check process?

Background Investigation Check

If a school bus driver is employed or contracted by a public school district to transport private school children, must that person undergo the Criminal History Record Check process? What procedure must be followed when a school bus driver transfers to a new company or district with a valid approval date? What is the difference between the school bus driver and school bus aide? In order to continue with the ePayment process, read and accept the terms of the Applicant Authorization and Certification form by checking the box.

Which Background Checks Are Done for Teachers?

Please complete the required payment information. Universal Fingerprint Form. Fingerprint Form and present it to Idemia at the time of LiveScan fingerprinting. Your most recent Process Control Number is required for this process. The Applicant is not required to go to a site for Live Scan fingerprinting.

Licensure Background Information

The Office of Student Protection will request the check from Idemia. See Question 13 for who is eligible for the Archive Process. All Applicants and employees must submit requests for Criminal History Record Checks and archive submission requests via ePayments on the department website.

New applicants must not schedule an appointment with Idemia to be fingerprinted unless they have submitted the online initial application request to the Office of Student Protection.

Two payments are required for the process. The law states that the applicant must be responsible to pay all fees for the criminal history background checks, including any administrative costs. This is the most convenient and quickest way to schedule an appointment. Also, English-speaking and Spanish-speaking applicants may call Hearing impaired applicants should call The call for hearing impaired must be placed from a telephone that is connected to a modem.

To ensure compliance with state statute, the applicant must file the Authorization, Legal Certification, and Administrative Fee payment online at the department Website. Upon completion of the online process, the applicant may contact Idemia for an appointment to scan the fingerprints. Usually, appointments are available within seven working days.

We anticipate a highly reduced rejection rate using LiveScan fingerprinting. Please note: the New Jersey State Police and Federal Bureau of Investigation have a day timeframe from the date the prints were rejected for the individual to resubmit for re-printing. Thereafter, both agencies will purge their records, and the individual will need to be printed as a new applicant. The request for this process must be authorized by the employing entity and the employee must submit the request online at the department website. The employee will not be required to go to a site to be LiveScan fingerprinted.

This office will request the check from Idemia.

Fingerprinting/Background Checks

Back to Top If the job position is mentioned in the statute N. The process should take approximately two weeks from when the applicant is fingerprinted unless follow-up investigation is required. The applicants will no longer receive a letter with the blue seal of the State of New Jersey mailed to their home address. Valid proof of approval for applicants and employees would be the following:.

If no approval is shown on the website within four weeks, please contact the Office of Student Protection at Yes, if an applicant meets the criteria for emergent hiring and the employing educational facility can demonstrate to the executive county superintendent that an emergent need for that service exists, it may complete the emergent hiring form.

However, the employee must file online with Department of Education for Initial Applicant Request and schedule the appointment with Idemia or file for the Archive Submission Process prior to starting employment. Yes, since the regulations concerning dissemination of criminal history information prohibit sharing that material outside the intended purpose. No, once an employee has gone through the process for one position, that employee may serve in any other position in that educational facility, except the position of school bus driver, without submitting to a new Criminal History Record Check.

However, if the employee desires to become a substitute teacher, the New Jersey Administrative Code requires a Criminal History Record Check prior to the county office issuing substitute credentials. In this scenario, if the employee had a Criminal History Record Check for the same facility within five months of the application for substitute credentials, that criminal record check may be used by the county office for issuance of the teaching credentials. A school bus driver employed directly by an educational facility may work in other job positions within the same district without submitting to a new Criminal History Record Check.

However, if the school bus driver desires to obtain substitute teaching credentials, they would require a new Criminal History Record Check using statute N. The department has been authorized to allow school districts to submit student teachers for the Criminal History Record Check process. They may be submitted by using the same codes and fees as that used for submitting the unpaid volunteer. However, the state will not retain or flag the print image.

Therefore, if the unpaid volunteer or student teacher is arrested subsequent to approval, no notification will be made to the department. Should the student teacher or the unpaid volunteer seek employment with an educational facility, they would be required to undergo a new Criminal History Record Check as would a new applicant for employment.

They would not be eligible for the Archive Submission Process. Also, upon request from the nonpublic schools, this office will process volunteers using the nonpublic school statute, N. Yes, the law states that the district may not employ or contract for the services of an individual without submitting that applicant through a Criminal History Record Check process.

Teacher certification and background check
Teacher certification and background check
Teacher certification and background check
Teacher certification and background check
Teacher certification and background check
Teacher certification and background check
Teacher certification and background check
Teacher certification and background check
Teacher certification and background check

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